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Flagler College Cares: Emergency Relief Fund

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Support members of Flagler College effected by COVID-19!

Donations are applied to...

The Flagler College Cares: Emergency Relief Fund will provide immediate financial support to current students, faculty and staff who are in need. Relief funding will support members of the College with items like food assistance, covering unexpected travel expenses, technology needs to learn and teach from home or paying rent and other bills that are not met because of unexpected job loss within the household.

Personal Message

As we face this pandemic and all that it brings in the year 2020, we are sure of one thing: the Flagler College family cares for one another, our loved ones, our communities and our world. Like many of you, we know that some of our Flagler College students are facing new challenges as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. With this in mind, we have established Flagler College Cares: Emergency Relief Fund. Gifts to this fund will be used to address immediate needs such as: expanded technology support for our mission-critical virtual learning platform; housing and supplies for students unable to pay rent due to circumstances out of their control; and most importantly, bolstering scholarships for students who wish to continue their studies at Flagler College.

100% of all donations to the Flagler College Cares: Emergency Relief Fund will directly support our students, faculty and staff with their most urgent needs as they adapt to these constantly evolving circumstances. If you are in a position to help, please know that every gift of any size makes a difference. Your support and encouragement as we all go through this unprecedented time together is appreciated.

Why are donations necessary?

Due to the overwhelming need of our Flagler family because of the COVID-19 crisis, our Emergency Relief Funds are being depleted by those applying for support. Flagler College relies on donations from employees, alumni, parents and friends to ensure that we can continue to provide emergency financial support to our community. If you are able, you can help by making a one-time gift or a regular monthly donation through payroll contribution.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!